WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada

Underage Use

JUUL Labs Canada is committed to transitioning adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes. Vapour products are not intended for youth or non-smokers.

JUUL Labs Canada is working diligently with retailers and Health Canada to stop youth usage and social sourcing* of vapour products.

These are the actions JUUL Labs Canada is taking to combat youth access to its vapour products:

Improving Retailer Compliance

JUUL Labs Canada has a strict retailer sale policy regarding age verification and bulk sales. We have taken many steps to ensure retailers are complying with our policies and have put in place serious consequences if a retail partner is found to not be compliant. We have implemented an enforcement policy based on compliance inspection failures, with a series of potential consequences, including, but not limited to: a Tobacco and Vaping Products Act violation report to Health Canada, removal of all JUUL marketing materials, and prohibiting the retailer’s ability to sell JUUL products by placing them on a distribution ban list.

Bulk Purchase Limits

JUUL Labs Canada partnered with an industry-leading independent secret shopper firm to conduct youth prevention policy compliance inspections. Mystery shopper inspections check a retailer’s compliance for age verification and JUUL Labs Canada’s self-imposed bulk purchase limits (two JUUL Devices and five packs of JUULpods (20 JUULpods maximum) per transaction with limits applying to JUUL Starter Kits). This bulk purchase restriction is in line with JUUL Labs Canada’s commitment to responsible sales practices and works to combat social sourcing “the act of minors receiving or being sold age-restricted products by legal-aged friends, family, or classmates”. Studies show that an overwhelming majority of minors who use tobacco/vape products receive products through social sourcing which is why we have put these bulk limitations in place.

Read more about social sourcing here and here.


All JUUL Labs Canada products are clearly labelled – in French and English – as containing nicotine. The packaging, predominantly in black and white, includes a self-imposed nicotine warning message with a "Skull and Crossbones" pictogram. We ensure our packaging has no element that might attract an underage audience.

Enhancing online controls at JUUL.ca

Our e-commerce platform utilizes unique ID match and age verification technology, ensuring that minors are unable to purchase our products online. JUUL Labs Canada does not allow other retailers to sell our products online.

Social Media

JUUL Labs Canada has never engaged in social media advertising. JUUL Labs Canada does not have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. We also partner with Amazon, eBay, and Kijiji to remove listings in non-age-gated online marketplaces.


JUUL Labs Canada supports provinces in their effort to combat youth usage of vaping products. Youth usage of products intended for adults is a problem in many industries, and it will require a multifaceted approach with policymakers, regulators, and community stakeholders to prevent youth from using nicotine products.

In addressing the issue of youth usage, however, it is critical that we do not put up barriers that unintentionally eliminate the benefits these devices can have in providing adults that currently use tobacco products with a viable alternative to combustible cigarettes. Tobacco continues to be the leading cause of preventable deaths.

* Social sourcing is the act of minors receiving or being sold age-restricted products by legal-aged friends, family, or classmates.