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JUUL C1 Device

JUUL C1 is a new connected device. JUUL C1 can be paired with the JUUL app to access features like Locate Your JUUL and Secure Your Device. ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID™ PLATFORM.

The “Usage Monitor” in the JUUL app is no longer available. Other app features, including JUUL Locator and Autolock, remain available for use.

Unavailable for online purchase in the province of Quebec

JUUL app only available to download on the Android™ platform.

JUUL C1 works just like your existing JUUL Device, so you don’t need a smartphone for basic vape functionality.

App Enabled

Available on:

shop / devices / C1 / Google Play Badge - Desktop

You must be logged in and age verified to access features.

shop / devices / C1 / App enabled / Lock icon

Secure Your Device

JUUL C1 features automatic device security that can help prevent unauthorized use when it’s not in your possession. Manually lock the device, or set it to auto-lock.

shop / devices / C1 / App enabled / Locate icon

Locate your JUUL

Keep track of your JUUL C1 to help you stay on your switching journey. When in range, ping it to play a sound. If out of range, see where it was the last time it was paired to your phone.

How it works

1. JUULpods

Insert a JUULpod to use. Switch them whenever you need.
*Not included

2. JUUL C1

With a JUULpod inserted, tap the LED bar to show battery life.
No set-up and no hassle.

3. USB Charging Dock

Your JUUL C1 recharges via USB port in one hour.

What's in the box?

Every JUUL C1 Device Kit includes a Bluetooth® technology enabled JUUL C1 Device, a USB Charging Dock and a one-year limited warranty. JUULpods sold separately.

1.JUUL C1 Device | 2.USB Charging Dock

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JUUL C1 Device - FAQ

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