WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada

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CAN | June 25, 2020

Defining E-cigarettes and Why JUUL is the Market’s Best Alternative to Cigarettes

For adult smokers interested in moving away from cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes, the sheer number of product alternatives can be confusing to navigate. The myriad of options, customizations, and subtle differences—not to mention batteries, coils, tanks—can be daunting for adult smokers who simply want the move away from cigarettes.

So, what exactly is an e-cig? E-cigarettes (or vapourizers, vapour cigarette, vape pens, box mods) are typically portable battery-powered devices that use a heating atomizer to transform “e-liquid” into vapour, which is inhaled. The e-liquid is a usually a mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, typically with flavourings.

Okay. But how is JUUL unique?

The JUUL Story

James Monsees and Adam Bowen co-founded Juul Labs when they applied their background in product design to the challenge of finding an alternative to cigarettes. They’d been smokers for many years, but when they could find no viable alternative to cigarettes, James and Adam recognized a groundbreaking opportunity to apply industrial design to the smoking industry, which had not materially evolved in over one hundred years. The result was JUUL.

How JUUL is Different

We believe that adult smokers interested in moving away from cigarettes should be offered high-quality alternatives that satisfy them, because satisfaction is a key component to supporting their move towards vapour. To effectively serve existing adult smokers, our approach to vapourization technology had to be unique:

  • Our 5.0% JUULpod uses cigarette-like strength nicotine levels via a proprietary nicotine salt-based e-liquid formula, in order to meet the satisfaction standards of adult smokers.
  • JUUL uses smart temperature-regulation technology to heat the e-liquid to an optimal temperature of vapourization.
  • JUUL was designed to be easy to use to mirror the simplicity that adult smokers are accustomed to, to make a move towards vapour products as convenient as possible.
  • JUUL is made with high-quality materials, including medical-grade plastics and natural and artificial flavours to enable a superior experience.
  • We are constantly researching and innovating to find better ways to meet the needs of existing adult smokers transitioning to e-cigarettes.

How You Use JUUL is Up to You

JUUL offers different device, nicotine strength, and flavour options to help you find your satisfaction.

JUUL Device
The JUUL Device includes a USB Charging Dock and one year limited device warranty, and is perfect for adult smokers looking for a second device.
*JUUL devices are available in Slate, Silver and JUUL C1.

Nicotine Strength
Choosing the strength that works for you is essential for your initial transition. JUULpods are available in 5.0%, 3.0% and 1.5% nicotine strength options.

JUULpods Flavours
Juulpods come in Virginia Tobacco, Golden Tobacco and Mint flavours. Try them all. Your favorite might surprise you.

JUUL. The alternative for adult smokers.